Start the New Year in the Word

Written by Steve Wilson
Thursday, 02 January 2014

A new year for me brings all sorts of fresh excitement for the year ahead. It can feel like a fresh start and new opportunity to pursue God through His word.

Setting a strategy

Over the years I’ve taken January as a great time to start a Bible reading plan. There is no right or wrong plan. Personally I find it’s a way of being intentional about being in the scriptures. In the past I’ve chosen short plans through books and sometimes the whole Bible. Reading plans are a great way to make sure we are regularly feeding from and asking what God might want to say to us. 

There have been times I’ve read my Bible so religiously it’s become legalistic. The key for me now isn’t simply to get through a plan but to enjoy it, use it as a guide and each day see what the Holy Spirit reveals to me. Now if I fall behind, I don’t give in to guilt, but pick up and go again.

Join me in the New Testament

Perhaps though you – like me – would appreciate a plan to work by. Well, this January I’m going to take three months to read through the whole New Testament in chronological order. There are a stack of people who have said they want to join me doing it too, so I thought I’d open it up to the whole church!

Why don’t you make a decision today to do the #90dayNT? I’ll be tagging posts each day to share snippets of what I’ve learnt; you could too. There are loads of plans available here, but the one I’ll be following is available here, or simply print out this list to tick off as you read. It won’t take more than about 15-20 minutes each day and it’s exciting to think about a church that’s saturated in God’s word!

Love God's word

Of course if you’re wanting to explore how to go about reading the Bible then check out the WORD section of the King’s Arms discipleship language which is available on the King’s Arms App.

As it says in Psalm 119, let’s be those who keep, store, declare, delight in, meditate on, remember, long for, set ourselves upon, cling to, observe, trust in, seek after, love, turn to, believe in, hope in, consider, rejoice in, incline to, and pant for the gift of God's word to us in the Scriptures.

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