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Written by Simon Holley
Monday, 03 March 2014

Group Life Update

This year so far has been such an exciting time of multiplication in King's Arms, especially in the area of group life. There are so many wonderful stories springing up about our groups and their impact. One group has started what we think is the first Alpha course ever inside Bedford Prison! A number are impacting pubs and music venues; others are building strong communities of people learning to live like Jesus in our town. We have started seven new groups since September 2013 and

have updated the website to now list all of our small groups and missional communities along with information about who is leading them and what their vision is as well as an interactive map and the day and time they meet. Check it out here. We hope this will make it easier for newcomers and those not in a group to get plugged in to group life and community in King's Arms. 

We have had a number of people come forward interested in leading groups with the following missions and visions: reaching the elderly in Bedford, spending time with them and visiting them in their homes; reaching out to those who have experienced domestic violence; reaching mums with postnatal depression; bringing the kingdom of God to the areas of Putnoe, Brickhill and Goldington; a cricket and sport-related group and a book club for women. We want to connect people who have the same passions together in these groups, so if any of these visions excite you, please contact us and we will link you up with the right people. 

Finally, we are still praying for many groups to be strengthened and other groups to start this year. Remember: The big question right now is, "What is God saying to you and what are you going to do about it?" God has spoken to us that the leaders we need are among us already, so we are working hard to find and develop them! Here are a few possible next steps:

  • JOIN A GROUP: For some it's simply getting into a group. Check out our groups and take a step. Remember you don't have to 'sign up for life' or feel that the vision of the group is your life-long mission. Sometimes joining a group is as simple as asking, "Who is God connecting me with in this season? Which leaders inspire me, which group meets near me or which vision is closest to my heart?"
  • JOIN A LEADERSHIP TEAM: We believe every group should have a leadership team. If you are in a group already offer to support the leaders in any way possible; from making drinks when people arrive to setting up a room. Then, if it's right, be ready if your leaders ask you to step up to be part of a leadership team.
  • START YOUR OWN GROUP: Request the brief guide to leading a missional community here. If you have an idea, no matter how fledgling, then fill out this form as we'd love to talk! 

It's so exciting to see God mobilising the church to impact so many different areas in this town. Let's be praying for many lives to be transformed and brought into our church family.

Much love,


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