The Future of Project is very bright

Written by Chris Keating
Monday, 08 December 2014

In November 2013 funding to every service operated by King’s Arms Project was at risk. In the midst of this, and despite the funding landscape Simon Dwight, CEO of the Project heard God speaking clearly about opening a new service, a series of smaller houses. The vision for these houses was to fill the void left in homeless care in our town, as other bed spaces were being reduced due to lack of financial provision.

These ‘move-on’ houses would be a place of change, where the residents would have a perfect mix of independence and support to help them moving forward.
They would be affordable, so the cost of living would no longer create a blockage for those receiving benefits from pursuing paid work. These houses would bring choice and opportunity back to individuals who had been overlooked for so long. We would be creating a model that could be emulated and recreated by other churches across the nation. These houses would follow a model reflecting our church values never before seen in the homeless sector. We would be taking the next step toward eradicating homelessness.

The next day, knowing nothing of this vision that had been cast, Phil Wilthew prophesied the following over the Project:

“I could see many, many small houses springing up from the earth – and it was like a multiplied picture, it was like lots and lots of different small houses and this field was just full! – there were 20, 30, 40, like a multiplied picture with more houses springing up from what the Father was sowing…

…He’s been preparing you for a new season of multiplication, where the new model won’t look like the old model – the shape of things to come will have a resonance with the past but it won’t be a carbon-copy of the past.”

God was speaking clearly through this prophetic word and through the book of Nehemiah, so we knew now was the time to act. Despite the economic climate we received prophetic encouragement:

“God says that the future of this Project is very, very bright; it’s very, very bright and so the Father says you are not to fear in these days; you are not to fear. This is a time of multiplication; this is not a time of decrease; this is a time of advance.”

In March 2014 we began pursuing this new move on housing model. We have received incredible favour from the Council who are offering us ideal properties to use at dramatically reduced rental prices. We have already been shown interest by other churches in applying our culture and model in their area. Most importantly, we have seen God keep every promise He made over the Project. Every area of King’s Arms Project now has secure funding!

Our first move on house opens in November of 2014, our first residents have accepted their places and are so excited about this positive change in their circumstances. We are on track to open two further houses in 2015.

So it is indeed a time for us to advance, this is a time for multiplication. The future of Project is very, very bright.

Chris Keating
Barton House & Move On Housing Manager

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