A call to influence

Written by Karen
Monday, 04 July 2016

Over many years there has become a divide between sacred and secular and a perceived belief that full time ministry is something for an elite few, without recognising that we are all a ‘sent’ people. I am passionate about seeing every Christian walking out their full calling, playing their role in advancing the Kingdom on a daily basis, wherever they go, impacting their area of influence.

I love teaching and ministering to people in Church but there is something deep inside that ignites when it comes to listening and responding to what God wants to bring in the marketplace. To the secular world I am a leadership and organisational development coach, but I am called to ‘change the face of leadership’ to one that reflects King Jesus, to bring His Kingdom and set people free along the way. As I learn to partner with God and trust that He knows the people and situations far better than me, the outcomes are incredible. Listening and responding to God has enabled me to call out destiny over individuals, bring Kingdom peace into leadership coaching sessions and see teams flourish as they adopt the culture of honour.

Bringing the Kingdom is about covert as well as overt operations. Random acts of kindness such as flowers left for someone struggling or encouraging a receptionist as you arrive at work demonstrates God’s love and interest in people. I have also interpreted dreams and seen physical healing's in the workplace.

When facilitating leadership workshops I reflect the Christian message using secular language e.g. ‘Leading through Conflict’ I teach directly from the Bible.

Matthew 18:15, “Go to the person and in private talk through the issue openly and authentically with the aim of reconciliation.”

I try to recognise when the Holy Spirit provides overt opportunities to pray, prophecy or share The Gospel. At a coaching session I felt God say “be open about your faith” so, as I was explaining about the chatterbox voice broadcasting negative thinking, I added that as a practicing Christian I believe this voice is the enemy, whereby the client shared the week before she had prayed to God to send her a Christian business coach!

What will the world of business look like in heaven? That is what I want to pray for and call down here on earth. To shift the atmosphere to reflect God’s Kingdom of salvation, deliverance, righteousness and justice, peace, joy, healing, comfort and God’s presence. If I focus on Kingdom things, and recognise through my identity that I have access by grace to all of them I will have the authority and the courage to step out however He asks.

Whether He calls you to be an artist, run a business, work in a shop or factory, be a pastor, journalist, teacher, foster parent, full time Mum, politician, policeman or nurse, be the best you can be for God. Let us all walk in our callings in our area of influence, equipped and positioned to be counter-cultural, bringing Kingdom into everyday life.

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