Real-Life Stories

Real-Life Stories
Aug 2007 - Jun 2017

We love stories about the things that God is doing. He is always working, always moving and always doing something in our lives. Here are some short stories to encourage and inspire you to ask him to do it again.

The Bible says that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." What this means is that as we tell testimonies stories about who Jesus is and what He is doing  we help to create an atmosphere where He does it again. We believe that Jesus came to declare the good news that His kingdom is advancing across the earth, touching one life at a time. When this Kingdom touches us we encounter freedom, peace, joy, healing, provision and so much more. It's not about us as if we were more favoured or special than anyone else. No, it's about God and His kingdom. It shows us what He is like. As you listen to these stories, be inspired that God can do it again. Read more here. . .

Messages in this series

Real-Life Stories
Sun, Mar 10, 2013
Duration:6 mins 33 secs
A Mothers' Day chat with Emma: Being a Mum
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Feb 10, 2013
Jane tells of her healing from a long-term seed allergy
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Jan 20, 2013
Nicky talks about how she found Alpha a safe place and made many friends
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Nov 11, 2012
Duration:3 mins 24 secs
Brian tells us how his smallgroup impacted the local community
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Oct 28, 2012
Johanna shares how the radical reduction in back pain she has had since being prayed for has transformed her day-to-day life
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Oct 07, 2012
Nat and Minnie share what's happening in New Zealand
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Sep 30, 2012
David Gilbert shares how he changed after the Alpha course
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Sep 16, 2012
Lucy Ambler shares how she used to fear coming to church but that all changed after the Alpha course
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Jul 01, 2012
Hear various stories from students at our 2012 TSM Graduation service
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Mar 18, 2012
Vicky recounts the various seasons of life in bringing up a large family

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