Special Messages - 2014

Special Messages - 2014
Jan 2014 - Oct 2014

Special one-off messages from 2014

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Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Oct 05, 2014
Duration:38 mins 7 secs
There are certain times of a community that the Lord brings a fresh expression of what He wants to do. Adam is someone that loves the church and is also called in the business world and in this talk he helps us to engage with generosity and the fact that we are called to give lavishly.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Sep 28, 2014
Duration:38 mins 25 secs
Christians make some staggering claims about a book written many hundreds of years ago, believing it not just to be without error but also to contain dynamite which will quite literally change people's lives. Could they be right? Come and join us as Adrian Holloway, a best-selling author and gifted communicator, takes on one of the biggest questions of them all and explains the relevance and life-changing potential of Christianity.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
Duration:38 mins 56 secs
As a church family we are reflecting back over the last year and the amazing things that God has done with us and through us. In this video Simon is looking at the new goals for the next year.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Jun 29, 2014
Duration:23 mins 28 secs
Wendy Mann talks about the supernatural nature of a normal Christian life on this special Training for Supernatural Ministry graduation Sunday.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Jun 15, 2014
Duration:44 mins 1 sec
In this special Father's Day message, Phil and John Wilthew talk about the role of fatherhood and the importance of leaving a legacy.
Special Messages - 2014
Mon, Apr 28, 2014
Duration:36 mins 1 sec
Simon talks about how the Kingdom of God is a present and a future reality. The future has invaded ahead of time, meaning we live with expectant faith of His Kingdom advancing now at the same time as living in the frustration of this present age that is passing away.
Tags: Kingdom
Special Messages - 2014
Fri, Apr 04, 2014
Duration:30 mins 55 secs
Wendy discusses the ins and outs of being family as a church body.
Special Messages - 2014
Thu, Apr 03, 2014
Duration:1 hr 16 mins 20 secs
Adam encourages us to process the pain we face in order to gain freedom in our lives.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Mar 30, 2014
Duration:32 mins 6 secs
Caroline talks about the kind of love that redeems lives and covers over all bad choices.
Special Messages - 2014
Sun, Mar 23, 2014
Duration:34 mins 10 secs
Adam Bright talks about finding our callings in the very events and situations in our lives that have caused us the most pain.

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