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Real-Life Stories
Sun, Nov 23, 2014
Duration:4 mins 7 secs
Johanna is interviewing Miranda about her praying for healing for the hairdresser.
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History Makers
Sun, Aug 03, 2014
Duration:24 mins 36 secs
Smith Wigglesworth knew how to pray! He had such an intimate relationship with Jesus that when he prayed, the Holy Spirit moved in incredible power, with enormous numbers of healings and salvations. The same power of the Holy Spirit is available for us today! Hear Wendy Mann speak on growing closer to Him.
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Jul 20, 2014
Duration:2 mins 2 secs
Our God delights in healing us completely, both in our bodies and our emotions. Join Suzie as she talks with Wendy about the emotional healing God has brought her and continues to work in her.
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Duration:6 mins 39 secs
After 17 years of having back and neck pain, Ava can move pain-free! Listen to the story of how one woman's life has changed since she was prayed for and then watch as a number of others find that they can move with less pain, too!
Real-Life Stories
Mon, May 12, 2014
Duration:4 mins 8 secs
Samara talks about some of the highlights of her time at TSM including the healing of a man with knee pain. Wendy makes an important announcement about changes to TSM for next year.
Tuning in
Sun, May 11, 2014
Duration:37 mins 43 secs
Simon talks about how to deal with the disappointment we experience in our lives and how we can live free from its stranglehold.
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Mar 02, 2014
Duration:2 mins 26 secs
Wendy talks with Rhian about the lump in her left breast that disappeared.
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Feb 23, 2014
Duration:5 mins 26 secs
Kirstie interviews Meri about her work and then interviews Danny, a man who turned his back on drugs and crime.
The Disciple
Sun, Feb 16, 2014
Duration:24 mins 54 secs
Simon Holley talks about how we deal with negative transformative moments in our lives.
Real-Life Stories
Sun, Feb 16, 2014
Duration:3 mins 54 secs
Lisa talks about how God healed her knee and enabled her to compete in a gymnastics tournament.

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